Welding and assembly

Metal Deco is a machine shop specializing in welding and assembling special metals. We are located in Seinäjoki, Finland.

The main focus in our production is welding the components of industrial equipment manufacturers. As materials, we mainly use aluminum, duplex, titanium and RST/HST.

Our services include e.g.:

  • Laser cutting, edging, welding assembly, surface treatment, installation assembly
  • Welded components and pipelines for industrial use
  • Frames and containers for the food industry
  • Frames and containers for process industries
  • Aluminum gates and fences
  • Repair welds—both small and large
  • Custom-designed products according to customer preferences
  • Repair and modifications of aluminum boats
  • Freight services

We have customers from Finland as well as abroad. Thanks to our network of trusted partners, we can deliver even large assignments as per the agreed schedules.

We are based in Seinäjoki, however we do a wide variety of welding or installation work at customer sites as well, including abroad whenever necessary.

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