Certified quality

Focus on high quality, environmental values, security of supply and the well-being and development of our personnel all play a key part in our company culture and decision-making. These are ensured by several different certifications as well as the constant monitoring and auditing of their execution. To our customers, this creates trust and a sense of security towards our operations.

ISO 9001

Quality management standard accepted by the international ISO standardization association.

ISO 14001

Environmental system standard approved by the International ISO Standardization Association.

ISO 1090-1

Certificate, which proves the compliance of internal production quality control for the manufacture of load-bearing steel and aluminum structures

ISO 3834-2:2021

With the support of the welding standard, manufacturers can meet the requirements that guarantee the success of the weld and the quality requirements of metal fusion welding.

ISO 15085-2

Rail transport certificate, which covers the quality requirements for welding of rail vehicles and their components.

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